Sunday, November 22, 2015

'It was a miraculous answer to prayer'

Merced, California

The Sunday before Thanksgiving our pastor pulled me aside to say he was asked to give me something. It was a Christmas gift bag that only had my name and asked if he could deliver it to me with God's blessings. It was heavy!

When I got home and opened it and saw all the bills and coins inside I was truly amazed! It was a miraculous answer to prayer! I lost my job when our company closed and my funds were quickly dwindling. I had just told my daughter the day before that I felt awful not to even be able to contribute to the family Thanksgiving feast. How humiliating!

But I had prayed every day that God would make a way to keep us going (I have 2 teenagers).

Early Christmas. The person put the book in the bag too…so I can pass it on when I get on my feet.

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