Monday, November 16, 2015

Poland, Ohio

I read the book the first year that it was written and have given at least one jar every year. My children and I have anonymously given bags of gifts at Christmas to families or children who are in need. The Christmas jar was a wonderful way for us to add to that or to find someone who was I need. 

As an oncology nurse, I have always viewed my interaction with patients especially as an "opportunity" to touch lives. I do feel like my purpose here I earth is simply to edify others and to glorify God. The Christmas jar is yet another "opportunity" to touch the lives of others around us. It is such a wonderful feeling to "secretly" give of your heart.

My children and I gave our first jar to a large family of four generations who had been living together Under one roof.

There were four children and none of them had beds. We got them all aerobeds and a large Christmas jar, as well as the book. The funny thing was, they took the beds back (one of the teens confided to my daughter, not realizing she was the one who had chose them to receive it). They immediately started their own jar.

We learned very early that there was a possibility that our benefactor may not pass it on or they may not use the money for good, but We wanted them to know that God loves them and so did someone else.

This year, I bought 30 books and etched a bunch of jars with the word, "Blessings", and I will be giving a jar and the book to each of my employees at the cancer centers where I work. My hope is that those 30 people will also feel loved and blessed as well. Maybe next year there will be lots of hearts that will be touched by 30 more Christmas jars!

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