Friday, December 12, 2014

'The tooth fairy had given her this money and she wanted to add it to our jar'

Nebo School District, Utah

I am a kindergarten teacher with two half day classes. I have done Christmas jars with my family for a few years, and decided to try it with my classes this year. I sent home a note explaining that we were starting a class Christmas jar and that if they were going to send money to donate they should have their children do a little job or something to make the service even more meaningful. 

I was overwhelmed at the response I got. More than one time I was moved to tears by these sweet children. Some of their families are struggling too, but they were so happy to send a little bit of change to help someone else.

One student in particular made me cry. She told me on the first day that her family didn't have much money since her dad was a student too. I told her it was fine and not to worry if her parents told her there wasn't change to spare. The next morning she came in with two dollars worth of quarters for the jar. She smiled the biggest smile to show me her missing front teeth and told me that the tooth fairy had given her this money and she wanted to add it to our jar! Priceless! This and many other sweet stories made this such a neat experience for my classes.  

The jar was delivered yesterday to another family from our school with the following poem and a copy of your book. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope that these children remember this experience for years to come.

This looks like a jar of money,
And it is-but it’s so much more!
It’s more than just pennies and dimes,
That we are leaving at your door!

This jar is full of tooth fairy money,
And coins earned by doing chores.
Nickels and quarters from piggy banks,
From pockets and bedroom floors.

But, this jar is full of more than coins,
There’s something else there too!
We filled this jar with Christmas love,
And we’re giving that love to you!

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