Tuesday, December 2, 2014

'I took a jar and put change from my piggy bank'

Winchester, Virginia:

My neighbor is a good and funny friend. His name is Brayden and he is five and has a bump (Ewings Sarcoma cancer). I took a jar and put change from my piggy bank in it to fill it half way, and my family is putting extra change in it also, and it is almost full.

We are giving his family the jar to help pay for their gas and other stuff while they have to travel to DC for his medicine (chemotherapy) all the time. It makes his hair fall out and he has to wear a mask to keep out germs. I hope they feel happy when they see the jar on their porch along with the book Mommy has.

I have friends that are making them a jar, too. Christmas is about Jesus and feeling good to give.

(age 6)


  1. Good morning Mr. Wright My husband and I have been giving out a Christmas Jar for the pass six years and this year our jar will be going to a soldier who is disabled and has a young child. My husband built a display for the Christmas Jars, which is placed at the foot of our driveway so anyone wishing to give a Jar they can take one and fill themselves. The mason jars are decorated and ready to be filled by who ever takes one to give. The first year we this, over sixty jars have been taken and in the last couple of years we reached one hundred or more. As of this morning seventy-five jars have gone, and we should reach one hundred before Christmas. Every year we buy about ten cases of Mason Jars, decorate them so they are ready to be filled with love for someone in need. You can go to my husband web site (POCONOCHRISTMASJARS.COM) and see the display. Also when we give our Jar, we include a card and one of your books. Thanks for starting a wonderful movement and we will keep doing our part. And by the way Mr. Wright I love reading your books. Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to you and your family. Al and Alice Compoly East Stroudsburg, PA

  2. How awesome that you do the jars for others to fill. With each of us doing what we are able to, the world is a better place.