Wednesday, November 26, 2014

'My kids could not stop giggling'

Shenandoah County, Virginia:

Last night I got some friends and my kids and we delivered a jar to a family in need. They have had some health problems and the dad has been out of work for a long time. We picked them also because they do SO MUCH GOOD FOR SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE! They probably give away Christmas Jars to people, even when they maybe should keep it.

Before we delivered it we thought it was a little lighter than we wanted so went to the bank and asked for a few rolls of change to fill it up. By the time we jammed in a couple bills it had more than 200 dollars!!

We waited until dark and turned off the headlights and drove through the neighborhood a couple times to case the joint!!! I can't believe how excited we all were!!!

After we were totally sure we would not be seen, we parked a couple streets away and walked quietly down the street like sneaky little elves. The kids got to put the jar on the porch and then got a head start running away before one of the adults knocked really loud.

Bang bang bang! It was thrilling! We ran so fast down the sidewalk and down the street and all the way to the car. We raced away and in the backseat my kids could not stop giggling.

I don't know exactly what they will do with the money but I know it will help. Also I know my entire gang will never forget that night. There is NOTHING better than helping others with a Christmas Jar. We will give one away next year and every year!!!

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  1. I am positive that my husband & I were the BLESSED recipients of this Christmas Jar. I hope that whoever gave this jar to us knows just how much it means to us. We were both napping in our chairs when we heard the Bang, Bang, Bang.... we both jumped up so fast and startled that I dropped my little dog who was asleep on my lap.( He is just fine) We ran down the stairs and looked out but didn't see anything. My husband opened the door and thought he saw a jar of Soup someone dropped off. When he picked it up we both knew it was a Christmas Jar and we were looking up & down but saw no one. Job Well Done. I can just imagine the giggling you were doing because I giggle like a school kid when we deliver our Christmas Jar every year. We have gone through some struggles lately with my husband's health issues but we know that GOD will see us through it. Your thoughtfulness in giving us this Christmas Jar will help us financially but also know that the Love we found inside it will last us a lifetime. May God Bless You All. Merry CHRISTmas