Friday, December 19, 2014

'I am down to my last $1.00 and no money for presents or groceries'

Roseville, Ohio

It's a week before Christmas, December 18, 2014. I am down to my last $1.00 and no money for presents or groceries. My social security ran out quicker due to car repairs, etc., but I prayed and asked the Lord to bless me so I could bless this other lady and her daughter.

I've been down this road before over the years, but the Lord always provides "at just the right time". My husband of 43 yrs. passed away in August 2013. It was hard that year at Christmas, but seemed more so this year. I had slept in that morning, which I rarely do.

After breakfast & devotions with my daughter the phone rang and a familiar voice asked, "are you going to be home? Someone has dropped something off for me to give to you." An hour later she knocked at my door. She did not say who it was from, the card was not signed. 

I looked in the Christmas bag after she left. To my shock and surprise, a mason jar full of money! Over $350.00. The Lord reminded me of His blessing. I quickly put some in an envelope and off I went to bless someone else!

Read Isaiah 40:31!

Sharon Yost

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