Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Bless your heart'

Boothwyn, Pennsylvania

I work at Walgreens & I was on my 30 minute break & I was just standing around on my phone listening to music and all of a sudden a beautiful women in a chic fil a uniform approached me & handed me a black gift bag & walked away I wasn't sure what to expect or say I was lost for words. So I just looked in the gift bag & noticed a jar of money & a book & that was when she came out the store & I just thanked her for giving me that Christmas feeling I was missing that's when she told me to read the book so I just called my cousin & told him about the gift I just received. I'm off work now so i will continue to read the book & make a wise decision with the money. It makes me want to do the same for someone next year thank you I hope you read this. Bless your heart.

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