Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'The thrill is beyond belief'

Henderson, Nevada

This is my 5th year of saving all year long and giving a Christmas Jar away.

Moving to a new state, I was a little worried about finding a recipient and I waited till last week to seek out the perfect candidate for the jar. I joined a new church and visited the church to seek a name. The church people didn't disappoint me one bit and an address came quickly. Boy was I glad. We scoped out the place beforehand and delivered it Christmas Eve day. This time it was my hubby turned..knocked on the door..he said Merry Christmas.

And off we drove…..the thrill is beyond belief. Thank you, Jason for writing your book and sharing the story with the whole world. This give away money jar is the true meaning of Christmas. Today I begin again to save for 2015 Christmas Jar.

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