Wednesday, December 24, 2014

'Knowing that we don't have to feel all alone is magical'

Aurora, Colorado

I have been working at Target for 3 years. I started working there for some extra money. I have 3 kids my youngest is special needs. Two years ago on the 23rd of December at a routine MRI they found a tumor in her brain. That was a rough Christmas.

Fast forward to now. We have had quite a year. My daughters tumor has grown she has lost the sight in one eye her balance has become worse and insurance has refused to pay for anymore MRIs. My older kids understood that we needed another MRI so we wouldn't be having any gifts under the tree this year. Well today a family came in to target and gave me a Christmas jar and the book. I don't think I will ever forget them. I have no idea if or how they found out the setbacks we have had but we will be forever grateful.

We read the book as soon as I was home from work. It wasn't about the money to me or my children. Knowing that we don't have to feel all alone is magical. Thank you! We will be starting our own jar on the first of the year. My kids have already started talking about how we can deliver it.

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