Monday, December 23, 2013

'It overwhelms me with emotions to think that someone cared enough'

Emporia, Kansas:

Life has been a struggle for me lately.  I can't stand by and see others suffer or be in need.  I often put others needs before my own, and many times to my own detriment. I have taken in people who have no place to live, there are 9 people living in my home (a very small home with 3 bedrooms.)  When the options are that they live here or live on the streets, I chose to bring them in and help.

I have been struggling financially, to the point that I was within days of losing my home to foreclosure.  I talked to my Pastor and asked for prayers for guidance and comfort, for peace in what would be to come, even it it meant I lost my home.  God answered my prayers and we were able to get things caught up and remain in our home.  I know that it was God providing for us!  Unfortunately, we continue to struggle financially as many people do.  Although it is frustrating not to have everything we want, the ability to give my children and family gifts (not even one)I am comforted in God's love knowing that we at least have our home and each other.  My focus is that of keeping us in our home and providing the things we need.  

It was a very snowy weekend here in Kansas and I was worried that I wouldn't be able to make it to church this morning.  We drive about 30 miles to this amazing little country church in Lamont.  (From the first time that we attended LWC I knew I was home.  The people there are so warm, loving, and welcoming!) Well, it was a journey today, a slow trip over and I was running late, but we were going to make it!  It was a short service, not our normal worship service, but it was well worth the drive over as always.  We got our weekly dose of love and inspiration, things to ponder and study on for the week.  Pastor Steve had told me that morning when I got there not to leave without talking to him first.  After the sermon, he again told me not to leave without talking to him.  By that time I am beginning to worry that something is wrong...but it was quite the opposite!  There on the table he pointed out to me that an anonymous person left me a gift...a huge pickle jar full of money and a book, "Christmas Jars."

I am not great at receiving praise, gifts, or help.  I prefer to be on the giving end.  But I must say, it overwhelms me with emotions to think that someone cared enough to do this for me.  I carried the heavy jar and book to my truck and headed home.  I sat down on the couch and started to read the book...I read and cried, and read some more until I had completed the book.  This is an amazing story!!  It is awesome to know that in this world where so much suffering and pain exists, that there is love strong enough to conquer it all!  The FREE gift of Jesus who died for us all!  In the sermon today, Pastor talked about not knowing the 'why' behind things that happen, I don't claim to know the 'why' either, but I do believe that God has a plan for all of us.  I have realized that through all of the pain and suffering I have experienced in my life I have learned things that have made me stronger, smarter, and better prepared for other things that I have had to endure (or will.)

This gift, this Christmas Jar that I received today, enforces my belief that God provides a way.  Someone out there cares enough to think of me in this Christmas season and share this gift with me.  That is not a coincidence!  I have not decided how to use the money yet, but it will be a blessing to my family in a huge way.  I will share this with many in my life about this act of kindness and I will be starting my own Christmas Jar for next year to share with someone in need.

Thank you to the anonymous giver(s) for loving me enough to share this gift this Christmas Season!  God bless you!

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