Monday, December 23, 2013

'If it wasnt for her we wouldnt have Christmas'

Zanesville, Ohio:

Well today a friend changed my whole world. I got up for work and just got ready like any other day and finally got to work and settled in. I sure didnt forsee what was comming a coworker of mine 17 yrs old and her mother come in they walked straight up to me and she hands me the book and tells me Merry Christmas and then hands me the Christmas jar and tells me now go and get ur children the christmas I wanted. I know my jaw about hit the floor I thanked her so much and all I could do was cry. This girl is only 17 and has blessed me today. She is my little angel and I did exactly as she directed I went straight after work and bought Christmas for my girls. I wrapped them nicley and also made sure on the tags her name was apart of them. If it wasnt for her we wouldnt have Christmas. So thank you again Sara for making Christmas possible for my family this year.

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