Saturday, December 28, 2013

'I still get teary-eyed thinking of the love and time that was put into the jar'

Holiday, Florida:

Our story began in May, 2011 when I was diagnosed with an incurable lung disease called Broncheactasis.  I had been coughing for months, and was finally hospitalized May 1, 2011 for 4 days.  It was then recommended that I see a poulminologist and began receiving treatments both in and out of the hospital off and on for 2 years. 

In the same year, (2011 in June), we discovered the house we had been renting was going to be foreclosed in a matter of days/months, we weren't sure.  We moved to another home in July of 2011 and I got sick with lungs again. 

Then in January of 2013, my husband had a heart attack and was hospitalized also.  In June 2013, he went back there, and then I went again.

Soon after around August, 2013, we received the first of many letters from Social Security that I was losing all of my disability checks because I made too much money when I worked, but haven't done so since 2006.  This meant that we had 1 check in the home from my husband's disability check.  We couldn't even pay our rent.  People prayed and helped as much as they could, including our landlord who allowed us to stay and do what we could.  I have been paying more than $100 time and time again for my medications, and there are a lot because they also took my medicare.

On December 21 of this year, my pastor left a message and said someone wanted to give us something.  Because we were not sure of a ride and couldn't give a definite answer, our pastor made sure we had a ride.  Just before church, my lady's pastor and an annonomous lady presented us with a Christmas Jar and the book which we haven't read yet because it's in print and small for my husband to read.

We counted the jar part on Christmas and the rest today. $257.05 in total.  We have exactly the amount needed to take care of the rest of our rent. The giver of the jar deserves more thanks than we can express, and we are beginning our jar for the receiver of next Christmas's blessing. God bless the giver, and when you and others who donated get to Heaven, I hope you get a special blessing. I still get teary-eyed thinking of the love and time that was put into the jar.

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