Sunday, December 29, 2013

'The Lord has answered my prayers'

Grove City, Ohio:

I received my wonderful Christmas jar about nine days ago. I am so Blessed! I'm glad I waited to post my Blessing so I can tell my Christmas angel about how I've shared my gift.

My husband and I have been going through a rough time since his injury at work in 2007. He hasn't been able to work since that time. The Lord has seen to it that we have keep our home since that time but it has been a struggle.

In the last 4 weeks we've had 2 cars break down on us, had to replaced 4 tires and 2 rims,  a cracked windshield on his truck and our refrigerator has stopped working twice. Just a lot of expense that needs to be put out to maintain a family and getting me to my job. We are already living week to week from my nail business which The Lord is blessing me to keep clients wanting to come and see me for services. I am so grateful for all that The Lord does for me every day.

The few days before I recieved my Christmas Jar I had really been crying out to The Lord to please make a way for all these expenses to be taken care of... Everything seem to going wrong at same time. I cried every night in prayer on the way home from work asking Him to make a way.  

I was at work on Dec 20th working on a client. A man walked in with a tall Christmas bag. I asked can I help you? He said "I'm looking for Kim DePriest." That's me I said.

He said "I'm suppose to give this to you." I stood to walk over to him but he left quickly and said "Merry Christmas". I walked over to the bag and reached to grab it but it was too heavy to move. So I looked inside and on the lid it had my name and Merry Christmas. I pulled off the lid and there was change - I pulled out the tall jar and it was filled with change and folded $20 bills. I gasped and said "it's money" to my client.

I started looking all over the bag for a name or a tag, something to see who had blessed me with this Awesome Gift. All I found was a book, Christmas Jars. I cried like a baby for an hour. I barely could finish my clients nails.  She said "now that I have seen your reaction to this gift I'm going to give a Christmas Jar." Many of my clients have now said they will now give a Christmas Jar next year.

I have shared this awesome gift story with each client I have had over the last nine days and my family . I believe I have told directly about 65 people my story. The main point for me is that The Lord has answered my prayers and He hears us when we cry out to Him. He uses wonderful people like the kind man who walked into a day spa to deliver a blessing to me.

I want to Thank you my Christmas Angel for saving through out the year and being diligent in your kindness to drop your change and bills in a jar for me and my family. Your blessing has touched many lives in story and in deed in the year to come. Thank you for answering a prayer.

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  1. Your gratitude for the things in your life is truly refreshing!