Wednesday, January 23, 2013

'We can't begin to express our love and thanks for this act'

North Ogden, Utah:

My husband is a teacher in the LDS Church's seminary and loves his students and is loved by them. Just after school started the headaches he had been experiencing for a long time, suddenly escalated and became unbearable. It was discovered he had blood and fluid on the brain. After waiting for it to be re-absorbed, he finally had surgery to drain and release the pressure. He was in the hospital for most of a month, and is still recovering at home, but still even a shower exhausts him. The doctors have said this is akin to having a stroke and will take time to heal. His students and former students are all so wonderful and have done many things to cheer him up. He so wants to be back and they so much want him back. Time will tell if and when that will happen.

Anyway, last Sunday night, we heard a knock on our door, and when I answered it, no one was there. Then, some time later, we again heard a knock on the door and this time, when I answered it, there was a huge (I mean, HUGE) jar on our front step. It took a lot of work to get it inside, because I couldn't lift it. I weighed the four bowls I had filled with the coins and cash and it all totaled up to about 80 lbs.! No wonder I couldn't lift it. This is such a wonderful thing that will help to pay the doctor's bills that are still coming in and help with physical therapy. We can't begin to express our love and thanks for this act.

Thank you, Jason, for this wonderful idea that is spreading around the nation. I had just read your Christmas Jars books, and just this morning finished reading, "The 13th Day of Christmas". I want to rededicate myself to our Savior, every day, I love Him so much! Thank you!

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