Sunday, January 13, 2013

'We were able to buy the food we needed'

Tucson, Arizona: 

We want to say Thank You to the person or family that left a Christmas Jar on our doorstep on Christmas Eve. 2012 was a very hard year for my husband and I. He had to work two full time jobs to pay the bills and put food on the table and in July we found out that my brother had a brain tumor that needed to be removed. We knew with everything that was going on we wouldn't be able to do much for the kids on Christmas. We promised the kids we would at least have their favorite breakfast on Christmas morning.

Then on Christmas Eve. when my son was leaving for work, he opened the front door and told us there was bag with something in it. My husband brought the bag inside and was shocked to see a big jar marked "Christmas Jar" filled to the top with coins and a book. I was speechless and so grateful at the same time. It gave us a new sense of hope and that there were people out there that really cared.

We were able to buy the food we needed to make our kids their favorite breakfast and pay some bills that were over due.

Again, my family wants to say Thank You and God Bless you for this wonderful gift. We have started our own Christmas Jar and can't wait to give it to a family or person in need next Christmas. =)

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