Tuesday, February 12, 2013

'The Christmas Jar Poem'

Effingham, New Hampshire:

(Please enjoy this Christmas Jar poem submitted by a very grateful recipient.)

Down on our luck
About all tapped out
Losing faith in humanity
Crying for help
To God above
Wondering what we could do
A phone call
On December eve
Changed all that
I am a friend of a friend
The voice on the phone said
I would like to drop
Something off for your family.
Tonight is fine, my wife said.
A car pulls in front of the house
A knock on the front door
A shadow slides something
Inside the front door.
When my eyes finally adjust
I see a jar
I carry it to the dining room.
Inside the large jar
Is a pile of change
Tinged with green bills too.
Our Christmas is made
And faith restored
That someone does care.
Inside also contained
A copy of “The Christmas Jar”
Read the book I did that night
With a tear in my eye
I finished the book.
Thank you to the angel
Who did care
To help a family in need
And restore our faith
In humanity.

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