Monday, December 31, 2012

'This is our 6th year delivering a Christmas Jar'

Owensboro, KY:

This is our 6th year delivering a Christmas Jar and a CJ book! It's truly a tradition that we love to do. We have two young children in the house & the jars are part of our family tradition now. Can you imagine this: two children growing up and never remembering a year we DIDN'T give a Christmas Jar away?  How awesome is that!?!  Over the years, they'll have so
many memories of delivering these jars. And I'm sure the tradition will be continued one day with their families when they're older. I remember each & every house that we've visited over the 6 years as we anonomously dropped off the jars.  One of the best parts of the Christmas Jar tradition is you feel the spriit of Christmas & giving everyday as you work towards that one moment in December when the jars are delivered. Thanks so much for being the inspiration.

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