Monday, December 31, 2012

'I hope they delivered it to the right person'

Kansas City, MO:

I can't believe this!

I woke up Christmas morning with my 4 kids, to see santa (my dad) and this jar on my front door step my mom had said was left.

I hope they delivered it to the right person, this year was very hard for us I had just gave birth to my last child in august and his new born screening came back positive for a genetic disorder called homocystinuria, the doctor from childrens mercy called me on a Friday stating my son derrick was at stroke level or going permanently blind, every Monday was a long, scarry,and sad trip to downtown childrens mercy. it took a hardship on finances and the older siblings, including us. but by the grace of god lots of praying from family and wonderful friends his dna test came back normal, they were all false positives. amen.

I do not know who gave us this wonderful Christmas jar and the book along with it, but we would like to thank you so very much. it helped pay bills I got behind on them because I chose to buy the few gifts that I could for my kids. I had a beautiful Christmas along with my whole family showed up at my home that day. I would also like to say I have not had a chance to sit down and read the book but I will soon im trying to get derrick on a regular sleep schedule now he was very spoiled while we waited for test results I was terrified to put him down or even go to sleep myself. I was enjoying what I thought was going to be the end of time for him. but I promise I will take time every evening to read what I can and to start filling the jar back up by next Christmas to give back alomg with the book. once again thank you so very much and you to are a blessing.

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