Thursday, January 10, 2013

'The family has two little boys with Fragile X Syndrome'

Great Falls, VA:

Our family has been honored to support Jill's House, a mission of our church (McLean Bible Church, McLean, VA) that provides overnight respite for severely disabled children. It is named after our Pastor Lon Solomon's daughter, Jill, who is handicapped due to a seizure disorder. This beautiful facility has volunteer nurses and doctors as well as all the medical equipment necessary to take care of these children. It affords parents a chance for a night out, or some private time - the first Jill's House Mom I ever met told me she had not be out with her husband in sixteen years! We know there are many Jill's House families who suffer severe financial problems as the result of being blessed with a disabled child.  

This led us to ask the staff to help us choose a family for our 2012 Christmas Jar.  It was a tough decision for them, but here is the story they sent us about our Christmas Jar family.  
The Christmas Jar went to a family that has already been through so much and was not going to be able to afford to come to Jill's House. The family has two little boys with Fragile X Syndrome, which presents itself with hyperactivity, intellectual and speech delay and susceptibility to seizures and infections. The money from the jar made it possible for the oldest boy, I'll call him "Nat‚" to come to four days of our Christmas Day Camps.
Nat is a sweet boy who is always on the go. His brother requires constant supervision because he is more impulsive and has no fear for personal safety. Nat's brother is not able to communicate verbally and has to be taken to the bathroom every 20 minutes. The boys are so sweet and the staff loves it when they are able to come together to enjoy time to themselves.
Nat's mother suffered a stroke recently, has been out of work since then, and was recently in a car accident.  She is physically fine from the accident, but now they have more financial burdens to carry. Nat's dad was out of a job for two months and has finally found work.
I want to thank you and your family for providing a time of relief for this family.  
They deserve a break after what they have faced and are still facing. They were so joyful hearing that they could send Nathan to camp when they had been debating on whether they could afford it at all. I have passed along the jar and book to the family and I believe that they will carry on the tradition. I know that I have already started my own.
Such a wonderful thing to be able to change someone's life for even a moment and the ability to share God's love through this generous act each and every Christmas!

The conclusion about our Christmas Jar is the same we reach every year - wondering who is more blessed? Is it the giver or the recipient? That answer, of course, is "both."

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  1. This IS a Beautiful story. And I agree, both giver and receiver are Blessed.