Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'Every coin in that magic jar gave us hope, love and peace!'

Auburn, Alabama:

December 23, 2012 Will forever be remembered by our family. A beautiful jar was left at our front door and what was in it was magical. It had in it the power to heal. Every coin in that magic jar gave us hope, love and peace!  For us it was a reminder that we were not alone, that we were loved.

Earlier that year I had lost my precious niece to the worst kind of child abuse imaginable.  She was only four  and with her death came darkness for our family. Everything changed, life was so different.

As we slowly began to pick up our pieces, and tried to move forward, we were hit with another blow. My husband got fired after slaving for a company for 20 years! It was awful all over again. We wanted the year to just be over! 

Thank you to our angels who brought us such a beautiful gift with such a powerful message!  We will NEVER forget it!!!

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