Saturday, January 12, 2013

'We have given away 3 jars now'

Rockford, IL:

We have given away 3 jars now...and it is ALWAYS a blessing to us every year.  Christmas wouldn't be the same without it!  This year, we know of a family nearby who has been struggling in various ways.  Christmas Eve, we dropped off the jar at their front door, trying hard to dodge the lights in the front of the house.  Later that evening, we drove by and saw that they had company over.  We didn't worry that the jar had been found.  However, the next day, we could see the cardboard box still sitting there on the front porch.  We waited...

On the 26th, it was still there.  Sigh.  We had to enlist a friend of ours who knows the family to send her child over to point out that there was a gift on their porch.  Thankfully it hadn't been stolen yet, although I'm sure if it HAD been God would have used it to someone's blessing regardless.  Already started NEXT year's jar.  I can't wait to see who God leads us to who needs it.

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