Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Who would give it to me, this has to be a mistake'

Sandpoint, Idaho:

The most beautiful gift came in a plastic jug with no markings but a lot number and a notice to keep refrigerated. Last night, tired and aching from tackling that infamous snow berm that grows magically I retired to the only place truly warm in the house bed.  The doorbell rang.  My first thought is that my daughter has forgotten her keys and I am not happy that I have to get out of my now warm bed.  The doorbell rings again as it takes me a little bit to unwrap myself from the multiple blankets.  As I open the door, I know that now my face must reveal my displeasure of being disturbed from my 7 pm hibernation.  Primed to give a lecture, a stranger stands there with some sort of plastic jug in her arms.  My thoughts now turn quickly to "she is at the wrong house or her car has become stuck‚ and darn it I will have to get dressed and go out in the cold." Then I begin to register that the huge jug she holds is full of change and what looks like dollar bills.  The woman smiling states my name and informs me that the jug is for me.  She asks if she set it in my house, as it is heavy.  I do not remember much really after that point of what I said.  My brain no longer functioned.  I do not even know that I said thank you.  Seldom am I shocked into silence.  I do know that I asked who sent this jug and she told me that she could not say but was to deliver it to me.

My thoughts raced as I closed the door. "Where did this come from? How could someone fill such a huge jar with so much change"? Who would give it to me, this has to be a mistake."

The jug came with a book titled "Christmas Jar". I stayed up late to read the entire book and cried and I am still crying this morning as I type this. The gift I was given was more than financial although that is needed as I like many struggle to keep the bills paid but a restoration of the spirit.  There are people that care. There are people who notice. I am not alone. It is not just the reason for the season but also the reason for life - to care and bring connections to a world that can seem somewhat lost.

I know there is hope because as a substitute teacher I work with children and they demonstrate the purest of hope and potential for this world yet I am somewhat concerned of how the "out there" can crush the dreams of many.  Goodness is alive "out there" and I have a new wonderful tradition that I cannot wait to start.

Thank you to the anonymous family or person who delivered the most beautiful plastic jug I have ever received. It has touched me in so many ways.  God bless you.

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