Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Isn't it amazing to know that someone out there was thinking about us?'

Sandpoint, Idaho:

I don't have some amazing story to share, just a very simple one that I will always remember because it was the kindest thing that has ever happened to me and my mom and I don't even know who did it.

On Friday December 21st 2012 there was a knock on my door while my mom was home alone, thinking that it was me locked out of the house my mom got up to let me in only to discover a woman standing there with a jar of money. The woman told my mom that someone wanted her to have this and then just walked away leaving my mom stunned holding a jar with bills and coins in it and a book titled "Christmas Jars". My mom then proceeded to text me telling me that something amazing had just happened, a lady she had never met before had just given her a jar of money. I must say that I found it highly suspicious and went straight home to see for myself this jar of money. When I arrived home just as my mom had said there was a jar full of money sitting on our counter and my mom was reading the book that the lady had also given her. I told her that I thought this must be some trick because I couldn't understand why someone would give us money. We are not the neediest family in my town but we do have trouble sometimes because it's hard to find work.

The next morning when I arrived home my mom had finished the book and relayed what it was about to me. I found myself holding back tears because I was so moved by the story and amazed that someone in our town had thought to do something so kind for us. The thing that I find most amazing about the jar is that it didn't just have coins and small bills in it but some $20's. It's amazing to think that someone or a family spent a year filling this jar just with the purpose of giving all that they collect to someone they thought could use a Christmas miracle. Thanks to that person my mom and I have decided to start a Christmas jar of our own taking some of the money that we were given (over $200 was in the jar) and putting it in the jar to start it off. My mom said something that stuck with me, she said "Isn't it amazing to know that someone out there was thinking about us?"

I am truly grateful to the person or persons that thought of us this Christmas and look forward to slowly filling up our own jar to give to someone next Christmas.

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