Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Jars Story: 'I am old and handicapped'

Duncan, Oklahoma:

Last night there was a loud knock on the door- it was dark. I am old and handicapped. I don't live in the best neighborhood and i am afraid to answer the door after dark. I went to the door and peeked out the window and saw no one. I turned on the porch light and timidly went outside. There sitting on my porch was a jar and a book. I had never heard the Christmas Jar story.

I turned over the book and read the back- then yelled into the darkness. "THANKYOU!"  as loud as i could. I have damaged vocal cords so I am sure it wasn't very loud, but it was as loud as I could make it.

I came back inside, sat down in my chair and cried. It's been a really rough year. Last week I had another mini stroke right before church. It has been cold here and the furnace wont work right. The cold makes the bones I broke in the accident hurt.

My children can't come for Christmas this year and I will be alone-again. I didn't even feel like putting up my tree. And then out of nowhere came The Christmas Jar. It made me realize how wonderful people are here in Duncan and how I am so blessed to live here and be surrounded by such wonderful people.

I am putting up my tree today.

I found a peanut butter jar from under the sink and put in my first quarter.

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  1. Gentleman from Duncan, Oklahoma, thanks so much for sharing. You made my day!