Friday, December 21, 2012

'A Christmas Jar is more than just money, it is HOPE!'

Provo, Utah:

Almost a year ago today, I discovered someone had given me a Christmas Jar. There was about $385 in the jar. I was shocked, touched and very humbled that someone would do this for me. It wouldn't solve my financial problems, but it helped and gave me hope. Then I read the book that came with it. A Christmas Jar is more than just money, it is HOPE! I knew it was something I wanted to do this year for someone. Today I am going to deliver my first jar anonymously!!! There is not $385 in the jar, but more than anything I hope it gives her the HOPE I received last year. She has been an inspiration to me as I watch her struggle to overcome her trials. I will take my own trials, somehow they don't seem as big or hard. Thank you Jason F. Wright for the Christmas Jars and the inspiration!!!

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