Friday, December 21, 2012

'We received a Christmas Jar a few days ago and we were amazed and very grateful'

Gillette, Wyoming:

Wow! What an amazing surprise!  We received a Christmas Jar a few days ago and we were amazed and very grateful.

Our daughter has a very rare chromosomal disorder. In January, our local newspaper ran a story about her and our trials and tribulations on our 7 year long road to a diagnosis. She has many struggles and life is just very hard for her.  We wanted to share our story to offer help to others that may be experiencing some of the same things that we had experienced and to also spread awareness of chromosomal abnormalities and pushing forward at all times for an answer.  It can be a long, lonely, and overwhelming road.

That story ran almost a year ago.  Our daughter is now a year older and we have had many new successes and struggles with our climb to make sure she has everything she needs to be her best.  Lately we have been "pinching pennies."  One reason is that our insurance wont pay for her physical therapy anymore and we were left with an extremely high bill. But, we are use to all the medical bills and we will just make payments.  Another reason is that we have been offered an opportunity to spend a weekend with  other families and other children with her exact chromosomal disorder as well as meet top scientists from around the United States that are studying her chromosome.  We would be flying to Florida for this and plane tickets are far from cheap.  The one thing our daughter wants to do while we are in Florida is go to Sea World and meet dolphins!  She is absolutely in love with dolphins!  

Where is our Christmas Jar money going?  Our daughter will be going to Sea World and she will be going back stage to meet dolphins and learn how to train them!  She is beyond excited!! We can't say enough about the beautiful thoughtfulness that went into the giving of this jar!  What an amazing gift.

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