Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'I lost my mom the end of October'

Today, I received a Christmas Jar at my door.

I lost my mom the end of October, she and dad had lived with us and she truly was the matriarch of our family.. but suddenly she was gone. 10 days later.. I lost my job and I sit here at home though blessed with the birth of 2 grandchildren this year.. feeling lost broken hearted and in fear of what tomorrow will bring. But, through the heart of a distant friend, a Christmas jar found its way to my house and caused me to do some research since I had never heard about the Christmas Jars.. Today, though in tears.. the thought that someone cared enough to reach out to me has filled my heart with hope... hard to believe that a simple jar can reignite all that is good about life, friends and the holidays. May all that read this and the story of the Christmas jar feel a bit of what I feel at this moment.. the love that is around us!

Merry Christmas

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