Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'Your Christmas Jar Friend'

Woodbury, Tennessee:

On February 18th of this year, my husband and I
were blessed with a precious gift of a son. We
knew beforehand that he was going to have some
problems, specifically a cleft lip and palate.
When he was born we were heartbroken to find
out that Christian was blind. We were devastated,
but as time went on and we learned to adjust the
newness of a new family member and his special
needs, God began opening our eyes to how much
of a gift Christian really is. We were once saddened
by the facts of his medical diagnoses, but now,
although we still wish he didn't have them, we
are more so just happy that he is here, he is healthy,
and that God chose us to be his parents.

Of course, having a child with special needs
entails extra time and expenses, so when my
husband lost his job in August, we knew it was
going to be a challenge to make ends meet,
but we never worried, because we KNOW that
God will always provide for our needs. After
4 months, my husband finally found a job. It
pays good, has a great benefits, and he has
wanted to work there for years. God really did
bless! But he won't get his first check until
December 30th, so we were trying to figure
out how to hold out until then. Today we found
out how. Someone delivered a Christmas jar to
my mom at her work to give to me, complete
with a $50 gas card to help with the 60 mile
trips we take to the closest children's hospital
for my son's appointments. It also included
enough change to pay the bills until he gets his
check, the Christmas Jars book, and a card,
signed only "Your Christmas Jar Friend".
I have no idea who decided to bless us with such
a wonderful gift, but even if I never find out, I
will be sure to thank them by paying it forward
next Christmas!

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  1. Hi Lacey....what a blessing that you received a jar...and to read this and 'know' you and Christian and your wonderful family via FB....beautiful.