Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'A glimmer of hope from a mysterious angel.'

Corfu, NY:

I received my Christmas Jar today, Dec 12, 2011. I
couldn't feel more blessed. I'm a single mom with
a 9 year old son. I lost my job in August and just
went back to work in the middle of November.
My bills fell behind and Christmas for my son was
becoming a slim possibility. I am also in the
beginning stages of trying to build a house thanks
to a loan from my dad. My roof is falling down
around me and to top it all off my grandmother
recently passed away. Like everything else in
my life I was beginning to feel hopeless and
defeated. And then came the jar. A glimmer of
hope from a mysterious angel. My son and I
decided to put the jars contents towards the
building of the house and were so touched by
a "strangers"kindness that we've decided to
start our own Christmas Jar to pass along next
year. Thanks again to our anonymous angel
should they happen to see this.

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