Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'She had the same look on her face as I did a year prior'

Carson, WA:

Last year I had received a jar, at a time that couldn't have been better. It brought tears, and gratitude and my oldest daughter was able to understand the kindness involved, the thoughtfulness that someone took for us.

This year has been a financial struggle that leaves no money at the end of the month, not even enough to fully cover all the costs. You see I have been taking care of an extra child, not my own. She is 12, and has been living in my home over a year now. She is a wonderful child, I now consider one of my own. We tried hard all year to repay the miricle of the jar, but just couldn't get the jar even half way filled.

While at work one day, I noticed my boss had a jar, a big jar filled with change. I decided to tell them about Christmas Jars. I got online and ordered 2 copies of the book, and after I had told them what good could be done of that jar, they came to me and said they were interested in participating in this great gift.

Time, months actually, have gone by and today I asked if they had given their jar. They had every intention on doing it but lack of time they said, and so I offered to help and deliver it to someone today after work. They agree and handed me the jar, which was now about half full of change, and a card with my name on it. When I opened the card, I found a small christmas bonus inside. I went straight to the store and asked the clerk for a roll of quarters and some $1 and 5's and filled the rest of the jar. I went home to wrap the top of the jar and grab my copy of the book to give with the jar.

I decided to go to the nearest hospital which was an hour drive. About 60 miles from my town. When I arrived I asked information to where could I gift someone that needed it, and she pointed me to the emergency area.

When I arrived I spoke very quietly to a nurse there and told her that I was looking for someone that could use this gift. Someone who may be down, or struggling, even a patient already admitted. She suggested talking to the hospital chaplin, who was busy at that moment but asked if I minded waiting for him. I happily agreed.

Shortly after, the nurse came in waiving at me to come over where she was. She said that she had thought of someone, a woman who worked only part time. She was a young single mom of an autistic boy, and was in her opinion very deserving of the jar. She told her name and where to locate her.

I agreed and as I approached the counter she worked behind, I asked, "are you Lindsey?" She slowly said "yes". I reached in my purse to grab the already half exposed jar with ribbon and bows, and grabbed the book setting it right in front of her. I said "Merry Christmas." She obviously wasn't sure what was going on, she had the same look on her face as I did a year prior.

She asked who is this from. I said "Me", Merry Christmas!" And I smiled, and turned to walk off.

She, still shocked and wondering who "me" was I am assuming, said "Thank you, thank you so much!"

I was grinning ear to ear, feeling blessed to be able to participate in this amazing act of giving
and kindness. Thank you!

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