Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'Would really like to thank the folks that did this for me'

Smyrna, TN:

I am a 55 yr young white single male, no roomate or family nearby. I have been on disability since 2004. In the spring of 2010 I returned to the warmth and friendship of the the Catholic Church after thirty six years. In 1991 I had a major motorcycle wreck in Bath ME while on assignment as a Senior Field Engineer for Martin Marietta Aero & Naval Systems (now known as LockeedMartin), working on the MK 41 Vertical Launch Missile Delivery System. I was pretty much a rocket scientist, sharp as a tack, with an above average intelligence.

After the wreck I was laid off from my position, which was after my six month rehabilitation. Post wreck my mind is like scrambled eggs, I lost the bag that held all my marbles, and my smarts smart. I am fortunate to still have my greatest gift of all, my sense of humor! My life has been not perfect, some struggles and difficulties, but nothing my faith, love of God, and humor cant overcome. A great many people have it really bad, and I am thankful for all that I have.

Thanksgiving thru Christmas is usually a sad time for me, not being able to spend it with my family, and this year started that way, but changed for me thru the grace of God. I was really feeling good a few days before Christmas, and was really pumped up today on Christmas. Plans to share Christmas dinner with my neighbors got cancelled, and I didn't miss a beat! I was watching the movie The Bible, and had just pulled a homemade pizza out of the oven when there was a quick knock on my door. It was dark, and I had seen someone running from my door to the parking lot, and at the front doot was my Christmas Jar.

What a flipping surprise!!! This is my first touch of the Christmas Jar, and definitely not my last! Print my whole name, complete story, whatever. I just would really like to thank the folks that did this for me. It really really comes in handy right now! Thanks to all and God Bless!!!

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