Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'we parked near a homeless shelter'

Boise, Idaho

Last evening, December 17, 2011 my wife and I set
out to give away our Christmas Jar. We prayed before
leaving that we would find the receiver of our gift.
As we drove downtown we were hoping to give it
to a homeless family in great need. We decided to
drive around in the area where the homeless are
usually gathered. We parked near a homeless
shelter and after waiting for about 20 minutes an
older car drove up and parked near the entrance.
I went to the drivers window and started a
conversation with the occupants. I found out they
were a homeless family of four waiting for the
shelter to open so they could secure a place to
stay for the night; it was going to be a cold night.
My wife and I presented them with our Christmas
Jar. They were so happy and appreciative! I will
never forget that joyous feeling of being able to
help that family in their time of need. We wished
them a Merry Christmas and left seeing their
hands waving and faces smiling. God bless
them and all of you and may you all have a
happy and fruitful new year!

BTW - Next year's Christmas Jar is already
receiving funds...

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