Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Jars Story: 'When she received the Christmas Jar that night...she became richer then ever'

Layton, Utah:

As I was sitting in class in the middle of November my teacher Mrs. Denson mentioned the Christmas Jars. She told us that the book is about people who fill jars up with money and give them to people. I thought this was the coolest thing ever. The next day I heard my mom talking to
my aunt Traci. I heard my aunt Traci sobbing and crying saying she had no money and she doesn't know how she is going to give my little cousin a Christmas. I was thinking about it for a while and I think God made this happen for a reason. Mrs. Denson's whole purpose for that day was to tell the class the story and for me to hear. My purpose for the next day was for me to hear my aunt Traci crying about money.

The next Monday I sat my family and told them about the Christmas Jars and read some stories on line and we were all touched. My thought on Christmas was already starting to change.

As the days and weeks went by the jar was already starting to get full of money. My mom came down stairs and announced that we are having a family party and Traci was coming. I was so excited! My jar was almost full!

Every time I put a penny or a quarter or whatever kind of change my thought on Christmas was changing and turning more into a spiritual season than a present season.

The day of the party finally came and I couldn't sleep the night before. I was so excited to change someone's life without knowing it would change mine. When my aunt got to my house I was going to die. I couldn't sit still. When my aunt finally started talking to everyone I snuck out side without anyone noticing me. Her door was locked so I had to sit it on her car and I went back inside. I just had this horrible feeling that she would not get it. Then all of a sudden my uncle asked her to unlock it.

Once again god is helping me because this is meant to happen. My uncle had no idea about the jar and how much he helped me. That was his whole purpose of the day. When he went back inside I went out there and carefully snuck it in her car. That was it.

When everyone finally left I was sitting there with my mom just waiting to get a call from my aunt, but there was nothing. All of a sudden she called. I was running around the house, jumping, screaming, and waiting for her to mention the jar to my mom. My aunt said nothing about it. My
mom said her good bye and hung up. I was so disappointed. Then my mom's phone was ringing again. It was my aunt Traci! My aunt was sobbing. She told my mom that her heart was so hardened and now it was filled with such gratitude. She was asking if it was me but we told her it was a neighbor. She was so thankful for the letter I put in the bag. This is what the letter said:

"As I was walking down the street you were on I saw you get out of the car. A very humble and sacred feeling came to me that I needed to give the jar to you instead of the family I was going to give it to. I hope this jar is a blessing to you in many ways. It's not much but it can help
a little. Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, may next year be your best."

The Giver.

My mom called her the next day and said that my aunt said she is so thankful for the jar. My little cousin was asking for an iPod and there was no way my aunt could give it to her. That money helped her get the iPod. I have a totally new thought on Christmas now. I took the "mas" out
of Christmas and made it the spirit of Christ instead of the spirit of Christmas. My life is now changed forever and so is my aunt's.

My aunt used to be very, very rich, and was richer than ever. And she lost all of her money and was left with nothing but a little tiny house to live in. She is not used to not being able to buy expensive things.

When she received the Christmas Jar that night...she became richer then ever.

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