Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'It wasn't Christmas but we just received a Christmas Jar'

Riverside , CA:

It wasn't Christmas, but we just received a
Christmas jar tonight. Times have been
impossibly hard, so much so we can't even
put gas in our cars. We haven't known what to
do for the past few weeks, things have been so
bad, and we've really been suffering alone with
it, not wanting to effect the customers we do
have that patronize our business. Tonight, June 7,
2011 a jar full of money and the book showed up
on our door. We hadn't heard about this book,
and were puzzled as to what it meant, so we read
the first page out loud and all the women in our
family had tears come to their eyes. Now we can
at least put gas in our cars to get to work and try
and make things better.

A Christmas miracle in June.

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