Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'Although I did not receive my jar until today July 3rd, it brought healing & faith to face this years trials'

Welch, Oklahoma:

Hello, I am a 48year old wife of 31years, mother of 5 & grandmother of 5. I am a christian and believe that god can touch your life through many wonders! My life has had many trials since 2007, with the loss of a brother, both parents and a diagnoses of heart failure from a childhood disease.

Although I did not receive my jar until today July 3rd, it brought healing and faith to face this years trials with an uplifted outlook. See I was diagnosed with breast cancer August of last year, I am at high risk for surgeries do to a metal mitral valve, a bad aortic valve & blood thinners. But I had a biopsy, a lumpectomy, and radiation by mid December. By February I was told that I had to have a hysterectomy and a bi-lateral mastectomy, in order to keep the cancer from returning! In March I had the hysterectomy & this week I will have both breast removed.

I have had a lot of identity issues, and I have asked god what my purpose in life is? I asked him because I have always been a giver but it was always in a way that required my physical abilities, which were cut down with the heart problems, and then cut out with the surgeries due to cancer. Leaving me to question what my purpose is? My jar came with the book! And was left for me in the church office this morning, i don't read much but the jar touched me so deeply, that I read the book to the end by the end of the day! I now know something I can do! It may not be as much as the person left me but it will be something! The jar touched me in many ways! Emotionally, spiritually, & financially it will provide the gas needed to get back and forth for my surgery and post-op appointments! Plus the change will bless my husband while at the hospital with vending machines he doesn't leave the hospital when I am in! I want to add that I will share this as a tradition that I will encourage my whole family to begin doing their own! We use to save up in a similar way for the Salvation Army's angel tree. Thank you for writing such a touching book and spreading a tradition that will keep circulating and touching lives for ever!
Sincerely Cozzette

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