Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'We are struggling every day in this economy'

Riverside, CA:

Story: my youngest daughter came home late from
work last night, as she came through the door she
called that someone had left a paper bag on the
front step...were we expecting something because
it was heavy....I said no what is it...she sat the bag
on the table and withdrew a jar full of silver coins
and a copy of your book.....I woke my husband
and oldest daughter to see if they knew what it
was....reading the jacket of the book we felt we
understood what had happened. We are struggling
everyday in this economy and didn't know where
my husband was going to get the gas money to
go to a job this morning..we sold his grandmother's
silver to pay last months mortgage...we own our
own business and things are very tight...our
daughters and grandson have moved home to
help with the is June and we have received
a Christmas Jar because someone cared about
us...we will start our own jar tomorrow and will
hope that it is full by Christmas so that we can
send it forward...THANK YOU

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