Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'While we ate the neal someone put the jar in her car.'

Bowling Green, OH:

I work for Brookdale Senior Living. There is an
associate, Joan, who also works there. Joan is
one of the most hardworking and compassionate
people I know. She cares about the elderly people
that we work with more than she cares about

One evening before work, Joan was not feeling well.
She laid down and was okay so she came to work.
As the night wore on, she did not feel any better,
sweating, etc. She finally decided that she should
go to the ER. But, before she did that she made
sure that someone covered her shift to take care
of the residents. Joan had a heart attack and
has not been able to return to work.

I received the book and a mason jar as Christmas
gift. I decided to set it out at work and collect
money. When our holiday celebration dinner
happened, we convinced Joan to come. She
loved getting out of the house. While we ate
the meal someone put the jar in her car.
She called the next day to say thank you and
that she remembered our conversation during
her interview. She said that she remembered
me saying that working here is not just about
us selecting you, but you selecting us. She said
that I asked her what she was looking for and
she said a place to belong. She let me know
that she had found that place.

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