Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'Just a little something to let you know your Guardian Angel is watching over you.'

Gaylord, Michigan:

I came home from work to a small packing envelope addressed to me. A paperback book "CHRISTMAS JARS" was inside a plastic zip lock bag. A label on the bag stated The Magic of Christmas, Julie, Just a little something to let you know, your Guardian Angel is watching over you. God Bless!

As I started to browse thru the book, I was shocked to find a certified check for a very generous amount. No idea of who or whom was my Guardian Angel. I called the credit union that issued the certified check and requested who purchased the check? No info available ...

I wanted to thank the person or persons for the generous gift. We had a financially tough year. This money helped pay overdue doctor bills and purchase some clothes for my husband & myself. Whoever sent this, thank you for the Christmas Miracle. We will pass on the Christmas Jar Miracle to continue this miracle.

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