Saturday, February 19, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: I challenged all the kids to pray about it.'

Provo, Utah:

We made a goal last year to leave a jar on someone's
porch in 2010. Throughout the year we added coins,
a few bills, and all are earnings from collecting cans.
My 3 sons often pulled a dollar from their job money,
adding it to the jar. With a little boost at the end of
the year we had over $100 to give.

As a family we discussed where it could go, and then
I challenged all the kids to pray about it. One by one
they came to me sharing the name of the family- a
kind single mother in our neighborhood who was
recently hit with an unexpected divorce. We waited
for the right time, sneak over, and left the jar
mysteriously on her door. The boys hid in the shrubs
while she picked it up and looked around. While I
know the money was a blessing to her, the act of
dropping money, little by little, day after day through
the year, blessed us with a feeling of gratitude and
humility that will never be forgotten.

We have already started our jar for 2011.

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