Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: 'I enlisted the assistance of my granddaughter'

Lebanon, PA:

This was my 3rd year of delivering a Christmas jar! This year's recipients are a young couple I know. Seeming to finally have a fairy tale ending to some rocky years in their lives before they met, they married and bought a puppy, a beautiful home, and welcomed a baby girl, all within a year. Sadly,last September the man was diagnosed with cancer. He'll be fighting a hard but hopeful battle over the next few months. The illness has affected both their incomes as well as creating new expenses. I enlisted the assistance of my granddaughter. The couple doesn't know her, so she could knock on their door and hand-deliver the jar. Happy to help my friends with a gift I'm sure they appreciated - but the extra bonus was time with my granddaughter and introducing HER to the great experience this can be! And of course, there's a new jar already started for 2011!

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