Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Jar Story: ' He just wanted us to think about it"

Cave Creek, AZ:

This is a hard story to get through. A week ago I was given a Christmas jar by my boss and his wife at our Christmas luncheon. It was strange and wonderful. He just wanted us to think about it...We pondered our own personal jars for a few days...already knowing I would never open it- it was meant for someone special. I finally found the person in need near my house on a. corner by chase bank . I drove quickly home...gathered blankets, warm clothing,water, and food ..and of course my Christmas jar. When we got back to him..I read his sign. He we crippled and recovering from triple bypass heart surgery. My heart went out to him and he was so grateful.

About 15 minutes later, I was texting my boss "Dr. J" to let him know we were carrying on the wonderful tradition. Just the same moment my mom who was in the car with me received the call from our bosses wife Diane...that he had passed away unexpectedly that morning. I know he knows where my Christmas jar went...just wish I could have told him and gotten A bear hug just once more James Jarman was one of the best most honest men Ive had the privilege to know and work with. Both of my children are now collecting money in their own rooms. It has instilled a wonderful traditional in our hectic lives.thanks to James h. Jarman DMD PC. He was my second Dad, taught me faith, caring and so much more...and will be missed.

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