Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'We tried to figure out some way to get the jar to our family'

Gillette, WY:

This year found my parents and I giving out our fourth jar to some special family. I have to say this year the jar may have meant the most to me. That is because while my father has been with us all along in the idea of giving the jar out this was the first year that he offered up the name of people he wanted to give the jar to if it was okay with the rest of us. My Dad has a very big heart but this made this jar all the more special to me. He had heard of a couple with the wife in need of a organ transplant, who had left our hometown and were staying in a town in Texas until the transplant can take place.

We saved our change and tried, and tried to figure out some way to get the jar to our family. No one we asked knew of how to contact the couple's family here in town. It was beginning to look like we might have to find another deserving family. But because of how this came about I didn't want to give up. Finally, we were able to find an address for the couple in Texas and decided to take a risk and mail our gift. We took our jar to the bank and put the money on a re-loadable gift/debit card, put the card in a copy of the Christmas Jars book and mailed it off to the couple. We mailed our gift using only a post office box as the return address and hoped that it would bring a lifting of spirits to this family to know someone out there was thinking of them and wishing them blessings. After a week we worried that perhaps things went wrong with the delivery when no return request slip was sent back from the post office. Then just last week we received a card thanking us for thinking of them. We are praying that the Lord watches over this family and there will be good health in for them in the new year. Christmas Jars are changing hearts and lives across this country and I'm so glad that we were fortunate to find the book. It has changed my family adding many blessings to our lives. Thank you.

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