Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: ' We went on line and now know the story behind the Christmas Jar'

Hershey, PA:

On Wednesday, December 23rd a lovely lady came to the Front Door of the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey. She rang the door bell and was wamly greeted by Brenda. The lady, with tears in her eyes simply presented a jar filled with money. She declinded to come in and quicly
>left after saying: "This is a Christmas Jar. Merry Christmas." We went on-line and now know the custom and story behind the 'Christmas Jar.' And we send this sweet donor our heartfelt thanks. We have recently added several guestrooms to our now 35-bedroom Ronald McDonald House; her generosity will go to keeing our lights burning brighly for hundredes of families over the next year --- at no cost to them. Bless you.

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