Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I had an anonymous person deliver the Christmas Jar'

Erwin, NC:

An acquaintance lost her husband about eight weeks ago unexpectedly from a heart attack. She was in total shock and only went back to work on Monday before Christmas. I decided that she should be the recipient of one of my Christmas Jars as a way to help her through the holidays and help create new memories for her at what would be a difficult Christmas for she and her family. I had an anonymous person deliver the Christmas Jar to her on Christmas Eve. My hope is that she receives as much of a blessing in receiving the Jar as I received is giving the Jar.

A young family received my second Christmas Jar. The family includes husband, who had recently lost his job, stay-at-home mom and a 3 year old little boy with CP. Needless to say, this family really had a need. This Christmas Jar was filled with coins and bills (some of which was donated by co-workers and a friend who had received a Christmas Jar in 2009). As an addict of Diet Coke, all the cans were crushed and bagged with the intent of selling them with the money going into the Christmas Jar. On 12/23/2010 my daughter and son-in-law joined "Sanford and Son" and all the others at the scrap metal yard to sell the cans, bringing home $31 to be added to the Christmas Jar (a better use than going to the landfill).

The Christmas Jar was taken to the Christmas Candlelight service at our church and given to the Minister who was to make the delivery. It is my hope that God continues to bless this deserving family.

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