Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'I will full filll my dream to give money to the children with cancer'

Burton, Michigan:

Hello my name is Leslie and I am 15 years old. Back a couple years ago My mother was in remission for Breast Cancer. While I was taking care of her wounds I was talking about how I wanted to give at least every child Cancer patient a penny(remember I was at least about 11 years old.) In the house it was only My mother and I who lived there. We were a poor family, we had never had alot at all. I never had a Christmas either. Now that I am 15 years old Christmas was never a big thing to me besides celebrating the birth of Jesus. I was use to not doing anything special this time of year. In september of 2010 I was taken away from my mother. I was trying to raise money for children cancer patients at the time. I hadn't really gotten anywhere because I always had to have money for something that I needed for myself whether it was school or anything else. On Christmas eve the doorbell rang, My mama K(Godmother) answered the door and a lady that we did not know and still don't know had stepped in the door and handed me a sand pail that was extremely heavy with easter grass on top of it. I asked her who it was from and she told me that she couldn't tell me that. She smiled, turned around and left. I was completely confused. I sat on the couch and took the easter grass off and there was a big Jar of money. Me and my sisters had taken it upstairs and counted out the money. There was $175.14 in the jar. I was so confused, and I didn't know what to do. By the time Christmas was over I had added all my money to the jar and had $292.58. I still have the money. I am going to keep collecting until a get a good amount. Then I will full fill my dream to Give money to the children with cancer :) Thank you for writing such a good book. It was also funny to know that your last name was Wright because mine is also. I have a cousin named Jason Wright who last I knew lived in Washington. But I never met him. So it was kind of awkward.

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