Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'This lifted my spirits tremendously'

San Angelo, TX:

My church office called and said there was a package on the preacher's desk. They did not know if it was from me or to me. I assured the church administrator that I did not put it there. Someone had given me a Christmas Jar. I had no idea why someone would do that for me but I was at a low spot in my spiritual life and felt left out of the church life. This lifted my spirits tremendously, not the money but the fact that someone would do this for me.

Until my brother-in-law from Lubbock told me the story of his next-door-neighbor did I understand why God laid it on someone's heart to give me a Christmas jar. The lady had four children, was told if she did not leave her abusive, alcholoic husband, the CPS would have to take the children away. She had no money, no job and it was Christmas time. My sister asked her if there was anything specific that the children wanted for Christmas. Her response? "Food, we just need food."

I gave my Christmas Jar to this very needy lady and her family. My mother, my uncle and my sister also gave money to this family. We all felt very blessed to be able to help someone who needed help so very much. Praise God!

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