Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'Mom there is a bag in front of our door'

Buzzards Bay, Mass.:

Christmas Eve my husband and I and our youngest daughter came home from visiting my parents, our annual tradition. We arrived home late around 11pm and my daughter, Olivia, 15, said "Mom, there is a bag in front of our door, there is money in it!" What? I replied, upon bringing it into the house we looked to find a mason jar with change overspilling into the beautiful Christmas bag, no note, but a book titled "Christmas Jars"....I looked at my husband, we did not understand, until I read the inside of the book which explains the meaning. How quickly we realized what this was for and we were touched so deeply. You see, our daughter, Rebecca, 20 was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness late August, there is no cure. We give Becky each day, smiles, hugs and any adventure that we can do.

An amazing person(s) came to our home with this Christmas jar to help us, to let us know people love and care for us! This is my first time ever hearing of the Christmas Jars; but not the last time that I will speak of it or act on it! You see, we have already started filling up this Christmas Jar for next year when a family will need this gift at their front door.
Lynn C.
Cape Cod

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