Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'A new Christmas jar is on the counter with just a few coins'

We have shared every Christmas for 35 years with those less fortunate. My husband and I decided to take whatever money we would spend on each other and give to children or families in need each Christmas. He would dress up as Santa Claus and I would drive him to the appointed family and watch from outside as the children and parents could not figure out who was this Santa bringing gifts of clothes and toys to their family. The anonymity of the giving always was the part we enjoyed most. They never figured it out.

When we purchased a copy of the Christmas Jars we were hooked immediately. January 1st came and the jar was placed on the counter and the change was dropped in regularly. Before we knew it the jar was full….so we took it to the bank and had it converted into dollars and filled it up again. As luck would have it our Ward was in need of additional new coats for a classroom of children. It was then that we decided to remove the $104 dollars bills and buy an additional 7 coats and donate them. Of course, the coats were more but the jar was still filled with coins to be given to the family we has been saving for all year.

So they have the Christmas Jar filled with coins and a copy of the Christmas Jars book; and, 7 children have warm coats for the winter. We have the blessing of enjoying giving in our effort to follow Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ example of charity.

It is December 20th and a new Christmas jar is on the counter with just a few coins.

Thank you for writing such wonderful books and inspiring so many.

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