Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: 'This will definitely be a gift I will never forget'

Lakeland, New York

I just received a huge glass jar with $113.42 in it. It was beautifully wrapped with a gold bow and the book “Christmas Jar” was sitting on top of it. I was sitting watching t.v with my son and the door bell rang. I got up to answer the door and there was nobody there. Thinking it was one the online orders being dropped off from the UPS guy I looked down and seen a jar of money sitting on my porch. I went out of the door and seen not trace of anybody up nor down the street... I don’t know who was so thoughtful and loving to do this. I never thought that we were deserving of such a thoughtful gift. I had never heard of the “Christmas Jar” but reading the book helped me understand the reasons of giving such a loving gift. I have had a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year after losing my mom who was my best friend this year. She was always the one who would get me in the Christmas spirit being this was one of her favorite holidays. Especially since she became a “mema” to our son. This definitely gave me some of the loving feeling that my mom gave, that someone would think of my family so unselfishly and lovingly. This will definitely be a gift I will never forget and I will be carrying on.

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