Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Jar Story: ' May God richly bless you'

Rochester, NY:

To the giver(s) of this jar; THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are very special; may God richly bless you, as you have our family.

It was Christmas afternoon and I was going outside to give the birds some seed in the feeders, and to feed the chickadees by hand-which I really enjoy doing :-). As I turned back to the house, I noticed a wrapped gift on top of our hose holder-I picked it up and realized immediately by it's weight and by the anonymity of the gift tag that there must be money inside. I went inside the house and my husband saw the gift in my hand (and the tears in my eyes). We opened it together, and once again, stood in awe of God's providence.

There is no greater place to be than in a place where you see the hands of God moving-be it the giver or recipient! We intend to be a family of Christmas Jar givers in 2011!

With love and thanksgiving,
The Smiths

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